Graduate Program

Ph.D. Degrees Conferred

The Graduate Program of Literatures in English is proud to announce that the following students had their Ph.D. degrees conferred during 2010-2016 academic years:

Student Dissertation Title Dissertation Director
May 2016  
Hunt, Stephanie The Forms of Nature: Poetry and the Limits of Politics in Early Modern England Henry Turner
October 2015  
Chappell, Patrick The Recirculation Plot: Objects, Plotting, and the Second-Order Economies of Victorian Fiction John Kucich
Kelly, Erin "Fortune's ever-changing face" in Early Modern Literature & Thought Henry Turner
Klaver, Rebecca Include Everything: Contemporary American Poetry and the Feminist Everyday Evie Shockley
Kotch, Amanda The Embarrassment of Literary Biography: Form and Affect from Dickens to Woolf Kate Flint & Jonah Siegel
Levine, Naomi Rhyme and History in Victorian Poetics Carolyn Williams
Shin, Nami Formed by Contact: Multi-Local Migration and Contemporary Narrative Rebecca Walkowitz
Thomas, J.D. To Train Up a Child: American Protestantism and the Literatures of Religious Educuation, 1745-1920 Greg Jackson
May 2015  
Becker, Brian Modern Folks and Folk Moderns: Media, Modernity, and the Migration of Real Americans Brad Evans
Betancourt, Manuel Being in the Picture: The Movie Fan and Queer Literature Elin Diamond & David Kurnick
Coley, Carrie Running Out of Time: Radicalism, Resistance, and the Future of African American Literature Cheryl Wall
Kao, Vivian Heritage Improved: Postcolonial Cinema Adapts the Nineteenth Century British Novel Dianne Sadoff
Miller, John Person, Place, Thing: Animals in the Victorian Realist Novel Jonah Siegel
Oldfather, Elizabeth Someplace Else: The Eighteenth Century History and Cognitive Science of Literary Transportation Jonathan Kramnick
Ramon, Donavan "The Narratives of Racial Passing Have Risen From the Dead": Redefining Racial Passing in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literary Imagination Cheryl Wall
Ryan, William "A New Strange Disease": Atlantic Medicine, Affective History, and the Novel in America; 1690-1800 Christopher Iannini
Zutshi, Madhvi Thinking About Feeling: Sensibility and Self-Consciousness in the Eighteenth-Century Novel Michael McKeon
October 2014  
Abdur-Rahman, Samira Sites of Instruction: Education, Kinship, and Nation in African American Literature Cheryl Wall
DiGiacomo, Mark How Africa Made Modernism: Afriacn Art and Twentieth-Century Literature Rebecca Walkowitz
Ellermann, Gregory Romanticism After Nature: Matter, Mind, and Speculation William Galperin & Colin Jager
Gonzalez, Octavio Misfit Minorities: Resisting Uplift in the Twentieth-Century Fiction Marianne DeKoven & Rebecca Walkowitz
Hoffman, Jesse Victorian Elegy in the Age of Photography Jonah Siegel
Hu, Pei-Ling Post-Decolonization Secession: The Right of Self-Determination and the Nation-State in Contemporary Postcolonial / World Literatures Richard Dienst
May 2014  
Choi, Ja Yun Travels to China: The Travel Narrative as a Genre in Eighteenth-Century Britain Michael McKeon
Sarkar, Debapriya Possible Knowledge: Forms of Literary and Scientific Thought in Early Modern England Henry Turner
January 2014  
Ellison, Darryl Chaucer Out of Bounds: Chaucerian Continuations, Adaptations, and Apocrypha Larry Scanlon
Goldfarb, Sarah States of Dispossession: Violence, Property, and the Subject in American Literary Regionalism from 1880-1900 Brad Evans
October 2013  
Bradway, Tyler Bad Readers, Perverse Dreams: Affect and the Politics of Reading in Queer Experimental Writing Marianne DeKoven
Howard, Kathleen A Language "Burning and God-Given": The Creative Form of Religious Writing in America, 1790-1865 Gregory Jackson
Lewis, Jenna The World of Regionalism: American Local Color as a Visual Problem, 1820-1900 Brad Evans
Longo, Philip An Army of Lovers: Eros as Attachment in Writing of the American Sexual Revolution Marianne DeKoven
Paustian, Megan Narratives of African Improvement: Missions, Humanitarianism, and the Novel John McClure
Rajasingham, Nimanthi Performing Postcolonial Identities in Global Economies: Power and Resistance in Sri Lanka's Dirty War Elin Diamond
May 2013  
Ogden, Benjamin J.M. Coetzee and the Problems of Literature Myra Jehlen & Derek Attridge
Williams, Katherine Irregular Bodies: Performing Disability on the Early Modern Stage Emily Bartels
January 2013  
Leong, Michael Extending the Document: The Twenty-First Century Long Poem and The Archive Harriet Davidson
October 2012  
Balkin, Sarah Squatters, Vampires, and Personalities: Staging Narration in the Late Nineteenth Century Elin Diamond & Carolyn Williams
Barry, Sean Romantic Pedantry: Personifying the Intellectual from Mr. Spectator to Rev. Casaubon William Galperin
Gang, Joshua Behaviorism and Literary Modernity, 1913-2009 Rebecca Walkowitz
Iturbe, Craig Tonight's Amusements: Parantheatrical Entertainment and the Development of American Drama Elin Diamond
Phillips, Michelle "The Child in the Midst": Modernism and the Problem of Childhood Interiority Marianne DeKoven
Savarese, John Lyric Mindedness: Science and Genre in Romantic Britain Colin Jager
May 2012  
Amich, Candice Performing Future Memory: A Critical Poetics of Globalization Harriet Davidson & Elin Diamond
Bianco, Marcie The Spirit of Marlowe: Creating an Ethics on the Elizabethan Stage Henry Turner
Jacob, Nellickal Looking Through Words: Histories of the Visual Image in Nineteenth-Century Literature William Galperin
Keefe, Anne Wordimage: Lyric Ekphrasis and Subjectivity in the 21st Century Mark Doty
Maitra, Ellorashree Forms of Service: Poetics of Community in Early Modern England Ann Baynes Coiro
Malcom, Carolyn Settlement Fictions: Global South Literature and the Postcolonial Urban Imaginary Richard Dienst
Raub, Emma Muteness and Modern Drama Elin Diamond & Carolyn Williams
Trudell, Scott Literary Song: Poetry, Drama and Acoustic Performance in Early Modern England Henry Turner
October 2011  
Aloo, Enock Re-Imaging Other Futures in Postcolonial Fictions Brent Edwards
Anderson, Margaret Stoic Enlightenments Michael McKeon
Cattrell, Kevin Discord and Deferral in Colonial New England Psalmody Meredith McGill
Cho, Hyunyoung Situated Utopias: Imagining Family and Community in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England Michael McKeon
Dasgupta, Anannya Playing with Providence and Prescience: Magic in Early Modern English Drama Ann Baynes Coiro
Hyde, Carrie Alienable Rights: Negative Figures of U.S. Citizenship, 1787-1868 Michael Warner
Reich, Elizabeth Hollywood's Invisible Man: Mobilizing the Black Soldier in American Cinema Brent Edwards
Roxburgh, Natalie The Rise of Public Credit and the Eighteenth-Century English Novel Michael McKeon
Singer, T. Benjamin Towards a Transgender Sublime: The Politics of Excess in Trans-specific Cultural Production Richard Miller
Vareschi, Mark Everywhere and Nowhere: The Anonymous Text, 1660-1790 Jonathan Kramnick
May 2011

Blake, Nicola

Narrative Play: Medieval Narrators and Narrative Process Christine Chism

Jaising, Shakti

Recasting Colonialism, Rewriting History: Culture and Imagination in the Neoliberal Present Maria Josefina Saldana-Portillo
Mariano, Trinyan Discourses of Ordinary Justice Meredith McGill
Sudhakar, Anantha Conditional Futures: South Asian American Cultural Production and Community Formation, 1991-2001 Brent Edwards
October 2010  
Di Loreto, Sonia Forms of Exchange: Private Correspondences and the Formation of a National Idea, 1830-1850 Myra Jehlen
Dovale, Leslie New Woman Theatre and the British Avant-Garde, 1880-1925 Elin Diamond
Kim, Eui Young Extended Essays: The Essayistic Spirit in Contemporary American Literature Marianne DeKoven
Lau, Meghan The Shape of History: Literary Form and the First World War Marianne DeKoven
McGrath, Brian The Experimental Realism of William Dean Howells Myra Jehlen
Nielsen, Ezra Late Henry James: Money, War and the End of Writing Myra Jehlen
Rosenfeld, Colleen Indecorous Thinking: Style, Form, and Spenserian Poetics Jacqueline Miller
Yeoh, Paul Improving Language: Victorian Literature and the Civilizing Process Kate Flint