Fall 2016 Undergraduate English Courses: Creative Writing

351:304 - Screenwriting for Television

Fall 2016

Prerequisite: 351:211 or 351:212  or permission of instructor.



Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
01 Pearlstein W 2,3 MU-002 11575 CAC
02 Holnes T 5, 6 MU-038 16318 CAC

In this course students will be introduced to the basics of professional TV writing. Through the analysis of Sitcoms, Hour Dramas and Comedy Sketches students will become familiar with all of the fundamentals of a strong teleplay. Group and individual exercises will lead each student to create an outline, a treatment and then a complete draft of a television show in whichever style they choose. Focus will be placed on all of the major dynamics of a strong dramatic structure. The group will explore topics such a: Finding Stories, Working with a Cast of Characters, Scene Structures, Dramatic Tension, Writing Dialogue and Creating Satisfactory Resolutions. A range of classic and contemporary television programs will be studied including the works of Norman Lear, Susan Harris, MTM Productions, Stephen Bochco, Sid Caesar, Tina Fey and Dave Chappelle.