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Film Library Gift
By Adam Mandelbaum

Rutgers English recently received a donation of several hundred laserdiscs and more than two thousand videotapes, to be used by students and professors doing research in Film Studies. Daryl Chin, a playwright, critic, and film teacher at the New School for Social Research and the School of Visual Arts, gave this generous gift.

Mr. Chin’s library encompasses a wide range of cinema history and geography. The collection contains films dating back to the silent era, and forward to recent works, including an almost complete set of works by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, a complete set of available movies by Preston Sturges, and examples from several other major directors. Many rare and experimental films are also part of the collection.

The collection also represents an expansive survey of international films, a great benefit for comparative studies of world cinema. Films from Germany, the Soviet Union, France, Scandinavia, and Japan complement the collection of independent and Hollywood-produced American movies.

Mr. Chin’s valuable donation includes many important films that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to find, and the breadth and depth of this collection make it a tremendous resource for professors and students alike. Many thanks to Mr. Chin for his useful and thoughtful gift to Rutgers English.















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