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The Department of English at Rutgers University, New Brunswick has a long-standing history of broad research and teaching in African American, African Diaspora and Global Anglophone Studies. Our faculty has produced a number of profoundly influential works. Our scholarship and teaching build on well established strengths in African American literature, but also, expand to include the postcolonial Caribbean and global Anglophone world – with specific focuses on African, South Asian, and ethnic American literatures. Our faculty studies these regional literatures within local and global contexts, and in comparative relation to one another. This approach yields a number of rich intersections and critical conversations that have promoted new forms of robust intellectual engagement for our graduate students.

“I chose Rutgers because of the strong background in African American literature. Several schools have one or two African Americanists, but having many people in my field in this department translates into a lot of support for my research interests. Moreover, Rutgers is in an ideal location—midway between New York City and Philadelphia—meaning I can take the train to do research at the Schomburg Center or take a class at the University of Pennsylvania.” – Don Ramon

“Rutgers English has been an amazingly fruitful environment for innovative 20th century work, particularly in 20th century African-American literature and the way it intersects with and contributes to American literature as a field. I have had the opportunity to work with several faculty members and graduate students across departments, as well as to teach two undergraduate courses on 20th century African American literature. The department's expertise in and lively intellectual conversations around African American literature has deepened my work in countless ways.” – Phillip Longo

“The English program at Rutgers features outstanding faculty and emphasizes participation in a wide range of discourses, both literary and cross-disciplinary. The program encourages difficult questions, and my professors and fellow students have proven eager to engage in cross-period analysis and discussion; working at Rutgers has been an outstanding academic experience!” – Luc Barton

“My time at Rutgers has enabled me to interact with brilliant scholars, who are also immensely generous and encouraging.”- Samira Abdur-Rahman

"The faculty members at Rutgers consistently produce cutting-edge research while remaining in touch with the diverse needs of a public university and encourage their graduate students to do the same. I chose Rutgers not only because of its reputation for collegiality and the generosity of its faculty members but also because the department supports its students at every stage, from coursework to the actual job search. " - Tasia Milton