An Inside Job

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Fall/ Winter 03


An Inside Job, by Vic Tulli

In August of 2003, the English Department decided for the first time that having a few interns for itself was in order. Like any other business, a university department generates a big pile of its own communications and publicity material - the same kinds of work students have been learning to do, for other employers, in the Internship Program. So, with this alumni newsletter in mind as a primary project, seven interns were "hired" by the Department.

Once we had their help, we realized just how much work there was to be done. Creating this newsletter was a major undertaking, including reporting, interviewing, researching in the Rutgers Archives, writing articles, taking photographs, and designing the layout. There were other projects as well: helping with publicity for Writers at Rutgers; designing a Department poster and website for the Graduate School's anniversary celebration; and laying the groundwork for an ambitious alumni network - the Friends of Rutgers English - just beginning to be formed.

Throughout the fall semester, the interns’ dedication, enthusiasm, and brilliance made them a pleasure to work with, and my only regret is that the semester is now over. Many thanks to (pictured from left) Christine Sta. Maria, Yana Zeltser, Nicole Warren, John Koblin, Karen Heinbach, Sarah Beetham, and Ramon Duterte, and congratulations on a job well done!

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