A Gold Anniversary

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Fall/ Winter 03


A Gold Anniversary

In late October, the Graduate School – New Brunswick held a weekend celebration commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Graduate School. The Graduate English Program participated in the festivities, creating a poster for an afternoon display session, producing a program for the event, writing a brief history of the Graduate English Program, and hosting a reception and “book party” for the Department. The afternoon reception was followed by a gala dinner at the Hyatt organized by the Graduate School, where alumni, current graduate students, faculty, and staff members partied into the night.

Many thanks go to the alumni who lent or donated books to help make the party a success. The Graduate Program is currently in the process of setting up an alumni bibliography and an alumni book library, for use by current graduate students and as a record of the accomplishments of our graduates. For more information about participating, and for more pictures of the anniversary event than we can print here, please see our Website.

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