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Department of English

Rutgers English Administration

The Rutgers English Administration, along with a number of faculty committees, is responsible for departmental governance, the Writing Program, the Undergraduate Program in English, and the Graduate Program of Literatures in English.


Michelle Stephens Photo 1 Michelle Stephens
Chair of Department of English
(848) 932-7690
Murray Hall | 105
galperin2 pic-1 William Galperin
Associate Chair of Department of English
(848) 932-7960
Murray Hall | 016
spellmeyer_pic Kurt Spellmeyer
Director of Writing Program
(848) 932-7570
Murray Hall | 108D
Rebecca Walkowitz profile picture Rebecca Walkowitz
Director of Graduate Program
(848) 932-7674
Murray Hall | 117
Lynn Festa profile picture Lynn Festa
Associate Director of Graduate Program
(848) 932-7674
Union St. | 108
coiro_pic Ann Coiro
Director of Undergraduate Program
(848) 932-8082
Murray Hall | Room 104A
Christopher Iannini Christopher Ianinni
Associate Director of Undergraduate Program
36 Union St. | 102
Mark Doty Mark Doty
Director of Writers House
Murray Hall |  040A