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Department of English

Rutgers English Administration

The Rutgers English Administration, along with a number of faculty committees, is responsible for departmental governance, the Writing Program, the Undergraduate Program in English, and the Graduate Program of Literatures in English.


jager pic1 Colin Jager
Chair of Department of English
(848) 932-7690
Murray Hall | 105
galperin2 pic-1 William Galperin
Associate Chair of Department of English
(848) 932-7960
Murray Hall | 016
spellmeyer_pic Kurt Spellmeyer
Director of Writing Program
(848) 932-7570
Murray Hall | 108D
mcgill pic Meredith McGill
Director of Graduate Program
(848) 932-7674
Murray Hall | 117
goldstone Andrew Goldstone
Associate Director of Graduate Program
(848) 932-7674
Union St. | 108
Christopher Iannini Christopher P. Iannini
Director of Undergraduate Program
(848) 932-8082
Murray Hall | Room 104A
novacich_pic Sarah Novacich
Associate Director of Undergraduate Program
36 Union St. | 102
Mark Doty Mark Doty
Director of Writers House
Murray Hall |  040A