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Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis
Associate Professor of English

36 Union Street | Room 214
New Brunswick Campus

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Curriculum VitaeCurriculum Vitae
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“I currently focus on two areas: creative non-fiction and women writers in the Restoration and eighteenth century, bringing to both an emphasis on narrative: how we write it, read it, connect to it and analyze it. In all my creative writing classes, but especially those in creative non-fiction, I emphasize that we are learning to master a set of skills needed to shape disorderly materials into compelling narratives. In my women writers classes, I see the eighteenth century as the time when the modern world that students take for granted was put in place, displacing very slowly a pre-modern set of beliefs and practices that we can still find in much of the non-European world. I believe that distinguishing modernity from pre-and-post-modernity helps students to understand not only the past but the present ”

Education Areas of Specialization
PhD, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
MFA, New School for Social Research
BA, Columbia University

Eighteenth Century Literature; Gender and Sexuality





Other Publications
Undergraduate Courses Taught
  • Principles of Literary Study
  • The Gothic Novel
  • Eighteenth-Century Women Writers
  • Women Writers and the Rise of the Novel
  • Nineteenth-Century Women Writers
  • Twentieth-Century Women Writers
  • Autobiography By Women
  • Romance as a Genre
  • Creative Writing