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Ann JurecicDr. Ann Jurecic completed her Ph.D. in English at Princeton University in 1994 and has since worked in the field of composition studies, both as a faculty member and as a writing program administrator. Professor Jurecic’s primary area of research concerns the relationship between literature and medicine.

She is completing a book project, On Writing and Healing, that explores what writing—narrative, argument, and scholarship—can do in the face of illness and suffering. This fall Professor Jurecic will be teaching an undergraduate course on “Literature and Medicine” and another on “Science, Medicine, and Society” through the Rutgers Writing Program.  

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Evie ShockleyDr. Evie Shockley completed her Ph.D. in English at Duke University in 2002. Professor Shockley’s areas of specialization include African American literature, gender and critical race studies, contemporary and modern American poetry and poetics, and Victorian fiction. An accomplished poet, she has published a collection entitled The Gorgon Goddess. She is currently at work on a book project, Gothic Homelessness, that analyzes the significance of the gothic in shaping the interrelations between domestic ideology, identity, and social terror in African American literature. This fall Professor Shockley will be teaching undergraduate courses on “Twenty-First Century African American Literature: Potential Aesthetics” and on “Race and Innovation in African American Poetry.”

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