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Richard Dienst
Associate Professor of English

43 Mine St | Room 102
New Brunswick Campus

Office Hours: On Leave Fall 2016

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Professor Dienst is the author of Still Life in Real Time: Theory After Television (Duke University Press, 1994), The Bonds of Debt: Borrowing Against the Common Good (Verso Books, 2011), and co-editor (with Henry Schwarz) of Reading the Shape of the World: Toward an International Cultural Studies (Westview Press, 1996).

He has published a series of essays on contemporary theory, visual media, Bertolt Brecht, and Jean-Luc Godard in print and online journals (including Historical Materialism and the Journal of Visual Culture) and in anthologies (including New Media/Old Media [ed. Chun and Keenan, Routledge 2006]).

His current book project, Remains to be Seen, will present a series of theoretical lessons about visual media, aimed at new practices of image-making and cultural activism.

He writes two blogs: http://bondsofdebt.wordpress.com/ and http://thinkingthroughimages.wordpress.com/.

Education Areas of Specialization
PhD, Duke University
BA, University of California, Berkeley

Critical and Literary Theory; Cultural Studies


Still  Life in Real Time: Theory after Television

Reading  the Shape of the World: Toward an International Cultural Studies


Other Publications
Undergraduate Courses Taught Graduate Courses Taught
  • History of Literary Theory
  • Popular Culture
  • Science Fiction
  • Theory as a way of life
  • Culture in the age of Empire
  • Intellectual Traditions: Dialectics and Anti-Dialectics
  • Visual Media/Visual Theory
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