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Richard E. Miller

Richard E. Miller
Professor of English

43 Mine Street | Room 101

College Avenue Campus

Visiting Professor, Doctoral Program in Clinical Social Work, 2013-present.

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Professor Miller is the author of As if Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education (1998) and Writing at the End of the World (2005). His published articles concern developing a philosophy of consciousness that promotes transformative teaching and writing practices. He has delivered over one hundred invited talks across the country and abroad on a range of topics related to literacy, technology, and higher education. His current research concerns "the end of privacy" and how education is being changed as a result of the proliferation of hand-held devices that enable instant publication and global distribution of anything that can be seen or heard. He now publishes exclusively on his website, text2cloud: An Experiment in Learning in Public. 

Professor Miller is working in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Social Work during the 2013-2014 academic year. When he returns he will resume teaching his large format courses on apocalyptic literature and 21st century literatures and has plans to regularly offer senior seminars in Great American Authors and in the graphic novel.

Professor Miller has given over 100 invited talks across the country on how digital technology is transforming literacy and higher education. On text2cloud.com, Professor Miller has published extensively on the end of privacy, self-incrimination, school violence, and citizen journalism. He maintains two other open-ended projects on the site: an unfolding archival project that seeks to make public a psychological history of grinding poverty during The Great Depression and a graphic novel that follows the misadventures of Professor Pawn, erstwhile member of the Department of Exlification.

Education Areas of Specialization

PhD, University of Pittsburgh
MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
BA, St. John's College

Literature and New Media; Literature and Visual Culture; Writing Studies; Literature of the Short 21st Century




Writing at the End of the World

As if  Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education


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  • Intro to Apocalyptic Literature
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Reading in Slow Motion
  • Dissertation Writing Seminar
  • The Business of Higher Education
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