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Richard E. Miller
Professor of English

43 Mine Street | Room 101

College Avenue Campus

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Professor Miller has co-authored Habits of the Creative Mind (2015) with Ann Jurecic. This collection of essays works with the idea that writing is a technology for thinking new thoughts and that one learns to use writing for this purpose through practice. Composed with the reflective teacher in mind, Habits promotes an approach to writing that keeps open and alive the questions that are central to our humanity.

Professor Miller has just completed On the End of Privacy: Learning to Read, Write, and Thinking in the 21st Century.  This work looks at the the personal, educational, and cultural consequences of the shift from a paper-based to a screen-centric world. He is in the early stages of a project on the untold stories of the institutionalized. Both projects are centrally concerned with curiosity and the desire to uncover what has been hidden from view.

Professor Miller is also the author of Writing at the End of the World (2005) and of As if Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education (1998). He has delivered over one hundred invited talks across the country and abroad on a range of topics related to literacy, technology, and higher education. Professor Miller published exclusively on his blog, text2cloud.com, from 2008-2013, pursuing a project he called, "An Experiment in Learning in Public." During this time, he wrote extensively about "the end of privacy" and how education is being changed as a result of the proliferation of hand-held devices that enable instant publication and global distribution of anything that can be seen or heard. He focused on news coverage of Tyler Clementi's suicide, campus violence, and evolving forms of literacy in the digital age. He also composed a graphic narrative following the misadventures of Professor Pawn, erstwhile expert in Exlification.

Professor Miller regularly teaches "The Coming Apocalypse," which provides an introduction to narratives of the end of the world. "The Coming Apocalypse" was designated a School of Arts and Science's Signature Course in the Spring of 2016. SAS's video about that course may be found here.

Education Areas of Specialization

PhD, University of Pittsburgh
MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
BA, St. John's College

Apocalyptic Literature; Multimedia Composition; Creative Nonfiction; Graphic Narratives; Writing Studies; Literature of the Short 21st Century (2001-2013)




Writing at the End of the World

As if  Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education

Miller Habits Creative Mind

Other Publications
Undergraduate Courses Taught Graduate Courses Taught
  • The Coming Apocalypse
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Reading in Slow Motion
  • Intro to 21st Century Literature
  • Reading Faulkner
  • Dissertation Writing Seminar
  • The Business of Higher Education
Other Information of Interest
  • Watch: Habits of the Creative Mind, where Professors Miller and Jurecic explain the difference between creative thinking and formulaic writing.
  • Watch: "Growing Up Digital." The inaugural humanities address for the Tyler Clementi Center, April 2013.