Graduate Program

Spring 2017 Graduate Course Schedule


Time Course No. Course Name Instructor Dist. Req Room Index
9:50 350:658 Theorizing Sound in the 20th Century Novel Mathes, C. A5, B MU 207 18243
350:566 Art/Objects: Literature and the Idea of the Fine Arts Siegel, J. A4, B MU 207 18240
4:30 350:535 Medievalisms Novacich, S. A1 MU 207 18238
*350:607 Close Reading and World Literature Walkowitz, R. A5, B, C
MU 207
1:10 350:626 The Gothic Festa, L. A3 MU 207 18242
4:30 350:509 Critique and Its Critics Gaskill, N. B, D MU 207 18237
----- **Dissertation Writing Seminar Kucich, J. -----
MU 305
350:577 The Poetry of Slavery McGill, M. A4, A5, C, D MU 207 18241
350:542 Renaissance and Reformation from Erasmus to Milton Fulton, T. A2 MU 207 18239

*Coss Listed with 16:195:610 - Comparative Literature in Dialoque Seminar

**Open only to ABD students.  This is a "not for credit" course.  There is no formal registration.  Course evaluations are completed for this course, but student evaluations are not.  Students interested in taking the course should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when the official university registration opens.  (Emails sent before that period will be discarded).  Students will be signed up for the course on a first come / first serve basis.