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Dr. Kristie Allen (PhD 2008)
Macalester College
Dissertation: Second Nature: The Discourse of Habit in Nineteenth Century British Realist Fiction
Committee: Kate Flint (Director), Richard Dienst, and Carolyn Williams

Paul Benzon (PhD expected 2008)
Temple University
Dissertation: The Language of Information: Media Technology,
Novelistic Appropriation, and Literary Form, 1968-2004
Committee: Richard Dienst (Director), Brent Hayes Edwards, and John A. McClure

Dr. Angela Florschuetz (PhD 2007)
Trinity University (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: The Mothers Mark: Representations of Maternal
Influence in Middle English Popular Romance
Committee: Christine Chism (Director), Larry Scanlon, and Stacy S. Klein

Theresa Geller (PhD expected 2008)
Grinnell College (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: Generic Subversions: De-Formations of Character in the Popular Imagination
Committee: Richard Dienst (Director), Brent Hayes Edwards, and Richard Koszarski

Dr. Jeremy Glick (PhD 2007)
Hunter College of The City University of New York (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: Taking Up Arms Against a Sea of Troubles:
Tragedy as History and Genre in the Black Radical Tradition
Committee: Brent Hayes Edwards (Director), Elin Diamond, and Michael McKeon

Dr. Piia Mustamaki (PhD 2008)
Oberlin College
Dissertation: Redefining Political Theater: Masochism and the Problem of Identity
Committee: Elin Diamond (Director), Brent Hayes Edwards, and David L. Eng

Dr. Susan Nakley (PhD 2008)
St. Josephs College (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: From every shires ende: Chaucer and Forms of Nationhood
Committee: Larry Scanlon (Director), Christine Chism, and Jacqueline T. Miller

Rachel Smith
Boston University
Dissertation: More Than a Feeling: Affect, Narrative, Neoliberalism
Committee: Richard Dienst (Director), Marianne DeKoven, and John A. McClure

Megan Ward
Lawrence University
Dissertation: Feeling Middle Class: Sensory Perception in Victorian Literature and Culture
Committee: Kate Flint (Director), Jonah Siegel, and Carolyn Williams


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