Martha Nell Smith and Marilee Lindemann

Martha Nell Smith PhD 1985
Professor of English and Founding Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
University of Maryland, College Park

Marilee Lindemann PhD 1991
Associate Professor of English and Director of the LGBT Studies Program
University of Maryland, College Park

Gift: Planned Estate Gift

We have developed a deep appreciation for the strong foundations the Graduate Program of Literatures in English helped us to establish. In ways small and large, literal and figurative, Rutgers English made it possible for us to become scholars, writers, teachers—and a couple. The department’s brave, early support for feminist research and teaching encouraged us to forge our own paths and trust our own judgments. We are pleased to give back to the graduate program and have chosen to focus our giving on the moment when a student strives to become a scholar in her or his own right—the period of researching and writing a dissertation. Our hope is that our gift will encourage others to give so that Rutgers English can continue to produce forward-looking, ambitious, and courageously creative scholars and teachers. That’s why we’ve chosen to invest in the future of Rutgers English.
Kevin Mulcahy

Kevin Mulcahy PhD 1982
Humanities Librarian
Archibald S. Alexander Library
Rutgers University

Gift: Graduate Program Book Fund

I started at Rutgers in 1974 in the Graduate Program of Literatures in English, and earned my PhD in 1982. Since then, I have worked for over 25 years at the Alexander Library as the humanities librarian specializing in English and American literature. My giving over the last few years has consisted of buying and donating books to the library—mostly contemporary fiction and critical editions of classic works—but this past year, I decided to work with the graduate program to purchase books suggested by students writing their dissertations. This way I can both develop the library’s collections and give immediate help to students at a critical stage during their research. The Alexander Library and the English department are the two parts of the university that mean the most to me—and I’m glad to be able to make a small return to the university where I’ve spent more than half my life.