Rutgers Student Wins Major Book Prize

We congratulate Carrie J. Preston (Rutgers Ph.D. 2006), winner of the de la Torre Bueno Prize, awarded annually since 1973 to the year’s most distinguished book of dance historiography.  The prize was awarded for Preston’s book Modernism’s Mythic Pose: Gender, Genre, Solo Performance (Oxford University Press, 2011).  Carrie is currently Associate Professor of English at Boston University.

The de la Torre Bueno award committee wrote: “Carrie J. Preston offers a thorough, rigorous, interdisciplinary analysis of Delsartism—the popular transnational movement which promoted mythic statue-posing, poetic recitation, and other hybrid solo performances for health and spiritual development; a movement that was largely organized by women, and that shaped modernist performances, genres, and ideas of gender.”

The de la Torre Bueno Prize is regarded as marking the standard for excellence in the field of dance scholarship.

Hearty congratulations, Carrie!