Certificate in Drama and Performance Studies

The Certificate in Drama and Performance Studies offers the opportunity for students pursuing the English major or minor to develop a specialized concentration in the study of the performing arts. The certificate program curriculum (a total of 16 credits) requires a foundational course in the field (Introduction to Dramatic Literature or Introduction to Performance Theory), four approved electives, and a one-credit capstone in which students produce a portfolio. Students who fulfill all requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in these courses will be awarded the certificate. For more information, contact the faculty director, Professor Douglas Jones (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The certificate consists of 16 course credits, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the following courses:

One (1) required introductory courses:
358:240 Introduction to Dramatic Literature
359:220 Introduction to Performance Theory

Any four (4) of the following courses*:
351:303 Screenwriting for Film
351:304 Screenwriting for Television
351:308 Creative Writing Playwriting
351:408 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop – Playwriting
358:202 Shakespeare
358:240 Introduction to Dramatic Literature*
358:310 Medieval Drama
358:313 Drama in the Age of Shakespeare
358:314 Shakespeare: The Elizabethan Plays
358:315 Shakespeare: The Jacobean Plays
358:320 Shakespeare in England
358:325 Restoration and 19th-Centurey Theater and Drama
358:335 19th-Century Theater and Drama
358:347 American Theater and Drama
358:356 Early 20th-Century Theater and Drama
358:357 Later 20th-Century Theater and Drama
358:372 Black Theater and Drama
358:378 Black Music and Literature
358:394 Theater and Drama by Women
358:426 Seminar: Shakespeare
359:220 Introduction to Performance Theory

*At the discretion of the faculty director of the certificate, new and other courses in the department not listed above, as well as courses in other departments, might also count.


Application for the Certificate in Drama and Performance Studies

Applications should be submitted to the Undergraduate English office in Murray Hall room 104.