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01MW6 CAC 07495 HURLEY SC-202

This course is designed to give students with no previous knowledge of Old English the basic skills necessary to read and interpret Old
English texts.  We will examine a variety of poetic and prose writings, including Old English alliterative shorter poems dealing
with exile, gender roles, and early medieval cults of the cross; chronicles and historical narratives designed to construct specific
ideas about the past and historical memory; and excerpts from the growing body of vernacular religious writings produced for an
Anglo-Saxon populace that, according to some monks, was becoming increasingly illiterate.  Throughout the course, attention will be
given to Old English pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and most of the individual class periods will be devoted to reviewing and
discussing translations which students will have prepared at home.  Enrolled graduate students will be asked to meet with me both
individually and in small groups to discuss bibliographic and other resources for pursuing Anglo-Saxon studies, theoretical approaches to
the period’s literature, and their own research interests.

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