Undergraduate English Courses

351:385 Issues and Problems in Genre

01 T7 CAC  17658   KURNICK   SC-202
     TH7                                   MU-111

NOTE:  can fulfill either 19th c or 20 c historical period requirement this semester only

01-Genres of the City
This course is an exploration of the aesthetic codes that different narrative genres have developed to represent urban experience. In addition to nineteenth-century realism and naturalism, we will read classic modernist texts and selected texts in sci-fi, detective fiction, graphic fiction, and reportage. Authors may include Charles Dickens, Henry Mayhew, Arthur Morrison, George Gissing, Emile Zola, Walter Benjamin, Georg Simmel, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, Nella Larsen, Raymond Chandler, James Baldwin, Italo Calvino, J.G. Ballard, Ben Katchor, and China MiƩville.