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Introduction to the Graphic Novel will explore how graphic novels are built and told—we will learn to use a conceptual vocabulary so we can discuss how the graphic novel achieves its objective of obtaining the reader’s attention and engagement. We will develop our understanding of graphic novels by way of a graphic introduction to graphics/”comics.”  When our fundamental understanding is established, we can examine a film version of a graphic novel, to see an interpretation in the re-envisioning. Last, our understanding will develop by examining a range of graphics—e.g., Persepolis, Maus, Fun Home, Our Cancer Year,  Ghost World, Watchmen.  These and others are examples of a range of themes and genres—autobiographic, illness narrative, costumed heroes, etc.  

The overall objective is to learn how to read graphic novels—e.g., how to understand the way the verbal and the non-verbal/graphic work together—and how to write about them. There will be a weekly one page paper, and three 5 page papers &/or exams. 

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