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This course same as 195:388 and 667:388

The Cultures of the Middle Ages: Muslim Spain

How do such different peoples share a country? From the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711 until the overthrow of the last Muslim ruler and expulsion of the Jews by Christian rulers in 1492 (and the definitive expulsion of the Muslims in 1614), the Iberian Peninsula was a crucible of intercultural invention, transmission and exchange. We will explore the music, arhitecture and literature of this world, known as al-Andalus to the Muslims and Sefarad to the Jews, in order to better understand the accomplishments and challenges of attempts to forge a multicultural and multifaith society. The final part of the course will consider how this long stretch of Spanish history is remembered today in Spain, the Sephardic diaspora, and the Arab world.

Books to purchase:
The Song of the Cid ISBN: 978-0143105657
María Rosa Menocal The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain ISBN: 978-0316168717
Noah Gordon The Last Jew ISBN: 978-0312300531
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