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In this seminar we will investigate major trends in 21st century literature that evolve from shifting technologies, politics, and cultures. We will study some wonderful and sometimes strange poetry being written recently, but we will also look at works of fiction, visual narrative, and new media, thus understanding "poetics" in its larger sense as a study of literary forms. I am interested in the way literature responds in both form and content to this new millennium and to issues implicated in ethical and political struggles around the world such as: the impact of internet culture on the way we think and write; the politics of terror; globalization; or ecopoetics and the rise of the idea of the anthropocene.

We will study a diverse range of recent texts, and class members will be asked to respond to reading in a variety of creative ways; also, students will develop a project that will require an oral presentation and a substantial essay. This course fulfills an SAS core requirement in writing.

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