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01- World Pictures
What is a world? We should begin by acknowledging that there might not be just one world: there are physical worlds and phenomenological ones; human worlds and inhuman ones, worlds strung out along the circuits of media and worlds stubbornly stuck in the here-and-now. In this seminar, we will not presuppose a fixed definition of “the world,” as if we already know that it is there. Instead we will ask what we might mean, and what we might be trying to do, whenever we make “world pictures,” whether in words or images.

The seminar will be conducted as an experiment in learning, in several different ways. First, we will make use of the technology available in the classroom to do research and produce material during class. (Our work will be theoretical as well as practical.) Second, we will use various websites to post and share work in progress. (Our work will be collaborative and public.) Finally, and most importantly, we will change the way we organize work and use time. (Our work will be carried out through a variety of tasks, both in and out of class.) Students will be expected to prepare for class in several ways: by reading course materials, reading and responding to the work of others, and by pursuing research projects throughout the semester. 

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