Spring 2014 Undergraduate English Courses: Literary Theory

351:361 Feminist Art and Politics

01  TTH 5 C/D  18986  DAVIDSON    RAB-206

This course same as 988:396:02

The great feminist poet and essayist Adrienne Rich who passed away in 2012 had an immense impact on both feminist art and ideas.  In this class we will look at her long career reading both her poetry and prose and will think about the role of art in a political movement.  We will look at some of the artists around Richother poets such as Audre Lorde, as well as visual artists, performance artists and musicians trying to change the way gender and sexuality and finally the human and non-human are understood. 

Some of the topics we will cover will include affect theory and the use of emotion in art, the expansion of feminism into issues of race and class,  and the growth of a new kind of ecopoetics out of feminist concerns with the body and a new way of thinking about the human.  Always central will be the examination of how different kinds of representation, different kinds of media give us different understandings of the world.

Part of the work for this course will be creative:  that is, in addition to some writing projects, students will develop their own political art  project.