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04  TF2   CAC  64861  OSBORN     MU-002


01  MTH2  CAC  68603   S. MILLER   MU-003

06   TTH6  CAC  72460    DOTY    MU-001

07  T 6, 7 CAC 78331 DAVIDSON MU-038

Section 6: By permission of instructor.  Please submit a portfolio of 3-5 pages of Poetry to Rhea Ramey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Murray Hall 102 by November 10

Section 07 can also fulfill the seminar requirement for English majors.

07- New Media Poetry
New Media Poetry is an experimental, hybrid seminar which can count as either a seminar in creative writing or a seminar fulfilling the requirement in the regular English major or minor.   Students will engage new media poetry by writing experimental poetry,  studying different forms  and movements of experimental poetry, and thinking critically about the impact of computers on ideas of creativity and art. 

We will meet in the collaboratory in Murray Hall to work with the intersections of new media with the writing of and reading of poetry.  The class will begin by looking at earlier avant-garde poetry that begins to use new media (recording devices, film, etc.) and starts to cross genres between written, visual and sound media.   Then we will read some criticism about the effect of computers on thinking, writing, reading, creating; and we will look at a variety of poems in digital form and think about how we “read” them, whether they should be called “poetry,” and how they work as an art form.   Throughout the class, you will be asked to create poems using various methods and technologies, some of which you invent.

The class will be run as a workshop that meets for three hours once a week, so we can view digital forms and create new works.  The class will require some critical written responses to assigned reading,  the creation of different kinds of digital poems, and a final project that will be both critical and creative.

Interested students should look at some of the new media works collected in the Electronic Literature Collection, Vol 1 and Vol 2:



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