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Monday - 2:50 p.m.
MU 302

Dissertation Writing Seminar

Emily Bartels 

Writing is thinking.  In this seminar, we will work closely on your writing, starting at the level of the word, the sentence, and the paragraph, where individual thoughts take shape. Together, we will explore strategies for producing arguments that are not only accessible and persuasive but also riveting.  That steer your readers from a response of "oh, that's very interesting" to one of "holy cow."   We'll use different kinds of creative exercises (performance, verbal, and visual) to hone in on constructions that animate or numb your prose, and we'll provide you with reusable tools that may help you with your writing down the road.   Our writing requirements will be small: students will produce and present one or two new paragraphs of a single dissertation chapter each week.  But our ambitions will be huge: in 14 weeks, we not only want our writing samples to be better than they were at the start.  We want to become better writers.  Please bring to the first class: a brief (no more than 50 words) description of your chapter topic.   

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