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Thursday - 9:50 a.m.   
MU 305

Dissertation Writing Workshop 

Leah Price  

This seminar aims a) to help you identify the analytical tools that you need to formulate the argument of your dissertation, b) to help you identify the rhetorical tools that you need to reach your readers, c) to help participants scale up from the seminar paper to a monograph-length project which requires coordination between the levels of the sentence, the chapter, and the overarching argument, d) to guide participants through experiments with different genres of academic writing and e) to provide a space in which participants can figure out, individually and as a group, how to make thinking and writing as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

This seminar is open to advanced graduate students who are working on some stage of the dissertation, from the prospectus on.

The primary text for the course will be the writing produced by seminar members, which all participants will be expected to read and discuss. Weekly meetings are intended to provide moral and intellectual support for steady progress.

Please come to the first class meeting with a brief (no more than 250 word) paragraph describing an issue or question that your project raises as well as some of the texts that you will use to address it. Please also have ready a pdf file of the introduction to a book you especially admire.

Supplementary reading:
Excerpts from Joan Bolker, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day
Excerpts from William Germano, From Dissertation to Book
Excerpts from Helen Sword, Stylish Academic Writing and How Successful Academics Write
Excerpts from Howard Becker, Tricks of the Trade
Excerpts from Erving Goffman, The Lecture
Excerpts from Eric Hayot, The Elements of Academic Style

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