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The forms listed below are required for payroll. Please complete and return them to Carol Spry in the Business Office expeditiously to avoid delaying the processing of your payroll.

The Rutgers Integrated Administrative System (RIAS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) Payroll are on-line systems.  All new employees will need to make an appointment with Carol Spry in the Business Office.   You will need to bring your Social Security Card or a copy, and a valid (not expired) photo ID with you.  You must be present to input your information in the Federal Guardian I-9 System.  Please be sure to read the PTL Hiring Policy as well.  Your contract and payroll are processed utilizing these documents.

For questions and concerns, please contact Carol Spry.

New Part-time Lecturers and/or Coadjutant Staff Members (Class 7) and Co-Adjutant (COAD-Class 8) Forms:

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