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Luc Barton
B.A., English/Media Study, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Research Interests: 19th Century American Literature; Postcolonial Literature

Margarita Castroman
M.A., Columbia University; B.A., English, Florida State University. Research Interests: Twentieth-century American literature; African-American and Latino/a literature; archive theory

Gabrielle Everett
B.A., English, University of California-Berkeley. Research Interests: Late 19th- early 20th Century African American Literature

Regina Hamilton
M.A., English, Georgetown University; B.A., English, Duke University. Exam Areas: 20th Century African American Women's Literature, The African American Literary Tradition, Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Caribbean Literature

Ariel Martino
B.A., English and Environmental Studies, Swarthmore College.  Research Interests:  Twentieth Century American and Caribbean Literatures

Alex Mazzaferro
B.A., English, Western New England University.  Research Interests: the early American political imagination, particularly as it is intersected by religious, historiographic, and scientific discourses and issues of race; alternative fringe communities, including populations of slave runaways, displaced Native Americans, exiles, outlaws, Atlantic pirates, and frontier settlers. Dissertation: "Political and Literary Innovation in the Seventeenth-Century Colonial English Atlantic"

Tasia Milton
B.A., English, University of Texas at Arlington. Exam Areas: The African American Literary Tradition; Sensory Perception and Narrative Theory; Colonization, Creolization, and Miscegenation: the Settling of the Americas. Research Interests: narrative theory as it is related to nation-building and diasporic belonging; the depiction of trauma and its impact on narrative form. Dissertation: "(Re)placing the South: Northern Slavery and Early American History in Black Women's Writing"

Amadi Ozier
B.A., English, University of West Georgia.  Research Interests:  Late 19th century and early 20th century African American literature; disability studies; humor theory

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