Committee Memberships

2022-2023 Executive Committee

Andrew Goldstone 2022-2024 (appointed)
Ryan Kernan 2021-2023 (appointed)
Sarah Novacich 2022-2024 (elected)
Imani Owens 2022-2024 (elected)
Mukti Mangharam Fall 2022 Imani Owens Substitute
Leah Price 2021-2023 (elected)
Maurice Wallace 2021-2023 (elected)
Nancy Yousef 2022-2024 (appointed)
Abigail Zitin 2021-2023 (elected)


Ex Officio 
Chair Meredith McGill
Associate Chair Lynn Festa
Associate Chair  Maurice Wallace
Director of Undergraduate Studies Brad Evans
Director of Graduate Studies David Kurnick
Director of Writing Program Jonah Siegel
Director of Creative Writing Carolyn Williams