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Lithopedia: Poems

Anne Keefe


Lithopedia, the winner of the 2010 Bull City Press First Book Prize, marks the emergence of a haunting and lyrical new voice.

"The lithopedion—the stone baby, calcified, entombed within a woman's body or on display in a museum case—lies at the heart of this rich and moving collection of poems concerned with generations of women, with what is kept or withheld, birthed or lost. Anne Keefe's poems are graceful, elegiac, and ghosted by the specter of the irretrievable: the children who could have been, who haunt the children who are." —Mark Doty

"Readers of Anne Keefe's haunting and richly allusive first collection of poems, Lithopedia, will be reminded of the "bone dreams" in Seamus Heaney's bog poems. For like Heaney, Keefe draws on the powerful literal and metaphorical knowledge of the body as fossil—form hardened and shaped by fact and memory—to speak about the personal and communal losses that shape our lives." —Michael Collier