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Monday - 5:00 p.m.
MU 107

Article Writing Workshop
Lauren Goodlad

What is a scholarly article in your field and what are some best practices for helping you to draft, edit, submit, and publish one? What are the key differences between a dissertation chapter and a manuscript submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal? How does one build from a successful conference paper into a publishable essay (or vice versa)?

This seminar approaches these questions in both theory and practice. Our main tasks entail active workshopping of student papers in preparation for submission to a particular journal, culminating in actual submission and advance preparation for potential next steps to come.

Assigned activities for all seminar members include: interviewing a professor in your field for advice as to target journals; sharing a “dream” article and identifying its key strengths; finding your argument via an “x-ray” of its skeleton; inhabiting the role of editor/peer-reviewer; formulating a comprehensive set of best practices (including drafting, editing, submitting, revising, communicating, and proofreading; learning to support peers through the editorial learning curve).