358:375 Nineteenth Century Black Literature

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Race, Place & Space

This course focuses on African American writers of the nineteenth century, members of the multifaceted diaspora communities created by the Atlantic slave trade between Africa, the Americas, and Europe from the fifteenth century on. Four centuries later, these writers? lives and tales were still being shaped by the conditions of slavery and traumatic dislocation their ancestors found upon arriving in the New World. We trace the development in the nineteenth century of tropes of freedom, faith, movement and exile that black writers used in constructing a sense of racial community. How did black writers experience and define the various homes and places they traveled through and settled in? How did their vision of Atlantic-American space shift over time, based on each particular writer?s physical and psychological circumstances? How did black male writers of the period tell a story of the race and how did women writers locate themselves within these histories and narratives? How did race, place and space shape their narratives of identity? Authors include: Equiano, Northup, Jacobs, Wells Brown, Crafts, Hopkins.