359:201 Principles of Literary Study

01 T3 CAC 14240 MCGILL MU-212
  TH4       MU-114
02 T3 CAC 14261 MCGILL MU-212
  TH5       SC-101
03 T3 CAC 14262 MCGILL MU-212
  TH5       SC-214
04 T3 CAC 14263 MCGILL MU-212
  TH6       SC-214
05 W4 CAC 14264 JAGER MU-212
  TH3       MU-112
06 W4 CAC 14265 JAGER MU-212
  TH4       MU-113
07 W4 CAC 14266 JAGER MU-212
  TH3       SC-204
08 W4 CAC 16766 JAGER MU-212
  F4       SC-102
14 MW6 CAC 14269  VRCEK SC-202
19 MW7 LIV 19704 PIRRI TIL-103A
 23 T6 CAC 20610 PEITRAS AB-2150
  TH6       AB-2200
24 TTH5 CAC 22312 GREENIAUS MU-204
H1 TTH6 CAC 20272 MILLER SC-104

The fundamental concepts and techniques of literary interpretation, with a specific focus on poetry: the nature of poetic language and the methods of analyzing figurative discourse, genre, structure, kinds of poetry; versification and the analysis of meter; the contexts of poetry (personal, cultural, historical) and the poet’s work with tradition.  Readings from a wide range of poets writing in English, including women and minorities, with detailed attention devoted to two particular poets (from diverse historical and cultural backgrounds) chosen by the instructor.

This course is required of all English majors, but it is open to all students who have fulfilled the first-year writing requirement or its equivalent.

Students wishing to become English majors should take 201 and 202 as early as possible, preferably in the sophomore year.

Attendance is expected and required.