358:337 Nineteenth Century Women Writers

01  MTH2  CAC  15048   KING  MU-204

Bernard Shaw believed that most nineteenth-century women wanted nothing more than to get married.  This course will attempt to prove him wrong.
We will examine female novelists, poets, and social critics of nineteenth-century England who were themselves evidence against Shaw’s dim
view of women and who created literary heroines to advance the changing role of women in both the domestic and public spheres.  We will explore
the role of women in nineteenth-century life and in nineteenth-century literature, and the ways in which this critical period for the emergence
of the female novelist and the female hero continues to influence writers of today.

Our reading list will include works from Jane Austen, Anne Bronte, Christina Rossetti, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf and others, and the
requirements for the course will include two papers, an exam, weekly writing assignments, and participation in class discussions.