354:250 Films of Alfred Hitchcock

01 MW6 18096 BELTON MU-301

A survey of the major films of the "Master of Suspense" from the silent era through the 1970s. This course looks at selected films directed by Alfred Hitchcock in terms of the director's unique moral vision. It will follow the adventures of the Hitchcock hero who, at a moment's notice, can be plunged into a world of chaos and disorder, and swept up in a cosmic fate over which he has no control. It will also look at the Hitchcock heroine, presumed guilty rather than innocent, who finds herself punished for the slightest transgression. Subjected to the ordeals of Hitchcock's suspense narratives, the hero and heroine lose their innocence and, in the process, gain knowledge of the less than perfect ways in which the world works. Their struggle for survival constitutes a modern morality tale in which Hitchcock and his cinematic technique play God.