Fall 2017 Undergraduate English Courses

359:326 Literature and Psychology

01  TTH5  CAC  15103  GLISERMAN  SC-106

Literature and Psychology explores relationships-- between text and reader, and between and within characters. We will study a range of psychological concepts and phenomenon, and case studies—we will look at such matters as, emotional intelligence, the body, dreams, family constructions, unconscious motives, and trauma.

What happens when we enter a fictional world? One writer says this, “Reading is not simply a matter of considering, weighing, or even of trying out the ideas and experiences that are presented by the writer. Reading involves a far more intimate form of encounter. You, the reader, must allow me to occupy you, your thoughts, your mind, since I have no voice with which to speak other than yours.” We will want to investigate this relationship because it informs how we interpret the text. We will also want to investigate the relationships and thought patterns of the characters as a way to understand the evolving meaning of the texts.

We will be reading a range of stories and novels as well as psychological theory and case studies. There will be weekly writings, two formal papers, and a final examination. Students may have two cuts. Grade will be based on the quality of the writing as well as on participation, and attendance.