358:206 Witchcraft & Wit in the Renaissance

03   TF3  3/8-4/26  CAC  20759  DILLER, M.   SC-204

Witchcraft & Wit in the Renaissance

This seven-week mini-course (offered for 1.5 credits) will introduce students to the fundamentals of literary studies with selections of Renaissance literature featuring the occult, astrology, the supernatural. Students will also develop the skills and terms used in literary interpretation with the aid of various forms of verbal humor in Renaissance literature, such as puns, insults, and riddles. The class begins by sampling Renaissance poetry; the second half of the class focuses on one play and concludes with a selection of short scenes from other Renaissance plays. The course introduces major Renaissance figures such as William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and John Donne. Students will practice critical writing skills by writing two formal essays and a variety of short, informal weekly writing exercises.