358:412 Old English Language and Literature

01  TTH5  CAC  14199  KLEIN  SC-121

Old English Language and Literature: Anglo-Saxon Hagiography

This course is an intensive study of Old English, the language written and spoken in England from approximately 450 to 1100 AD. The seminar format will also allow students the opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking and writing necessary for large-scale research projects in literary studies. Readings will focus mainly on Anglo-Saxon hagiographical narratives, or saints’ lives, one of the most popular genres of early medieval writings.  Inhabited by monsters, Vikings, hermits, and cross-dressed nuns, these racy narratives of holy men, women, and animals, offer rich ground for exploring the language and culture of England before the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Requirements: Regular translation work, papers, oral presentations, vigorous efforts to contribute to the intellectual vitality of the seminar.