358:363 James Joyce

01  MTH3   CAC  14198  SIEGEL  MU-204

James Joyce

 This course is an introduction to the work of James Joyce, easily the most important novelist of the twentieth century.  We will read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man as well as all of Ulysses, a compendious, funny, touching, and maddening book in which experiments of style are as important as the actions of individuals.

 WARNING: Ulysses is a great novel, but not an easy one.  This is not a good course to take just because it fits your schedule, or for any reason other than a desire to read this very difficult text.  As the bulk of the course will be devoted to this one novel, which we will read slowly throughout the term, before you enroll please make sure to look over several chapters of Ulysses and decide that are really eager to spend most of the term with this one book.


1. Attendance and participation. The class will be run as a mixture of lecture and discussion, so attendance with texts in hand is vital.  You should follow and be ready to contribute to class discussion.  Three absences will result in a lower final grade.

2. Keeping up with the reading. Students will be responsible for all reading on this syllabus or otherwise distributed to the class.  

3. Weekly quizzes or writing assignments.  Each class will begin with either a quiz or the submission of a brief written assignment completed before class.  These will be graded pass/fail.  Missing or failing three or more of these will result in a lower final grade.

4. Papers: 3 papers of increasing length will be assigned.  Students will submit at least one hard copy of a revised draft along with the last two papers.

 Grade breakdown: Participation (including attendance, discussion, quizzes and assignments): 30%, Paper I (3-5 pages): 15%, Paper II (5-7 pages): 25%, Paper III (7-10 pages):30%,