358:437 Roberto Bolano and the Genres of the Americas

01  MW5  CAC  14201  LAWRENCE  MU-115

This course can fulfill any two of the following three requirements: 20th Century, African American, Ethinc American or Global Anglophone or Seminar

Roberto Bolaño and the Genres of the Americas

The Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño’s fictional universe spans several continents and multiple literary traditions.  In this course, we will explore Bolaño’s relationship to literary genres that have migrated from the United States to Latin America and back again over the past hundred years: the detective/crime story, the beat narrative, and the border novel.  We will read three of Bolaño’s major novels alongside the works of several of the most iconic US and Latin American practitioners of these genres. His work will serve as a case study for posing broad questions about the literatures of the Americas and how genres change when they cross linguistic, cultural and geographical boundaries.