359:312 Cultural Logics

03  TTH6  CAC  16006  KUCICH  SC-105

This course will focus on three literary “periods” to investigate the underlying logic holding distinct cultural systems in place.  We'll read brief theoretical essays by Michel Foucault, Fredric Jameson, and Jose Ortega y Gassett on the nature of cultural logics.  But our primary focus will be on the systematic interconnections between texts from the Victorian, Modern, and Postmodern periods.  Understanding the logics of these three periods will provide a roadmap to a wide range of literary and cultural developments over the past two hundred years.  We'll devote special attention to questions about identity, gender difference, and aesthetic form.  Course materials include novels, films, and essays.  We'll read literary works by Donald Barthelme, Charlotte Bronte, James Joyce, Toni Morrison, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Jean Rhys, and Michael Cunningham.  We'll also discuss three films: True Stories, The French Lieutenant's Woman, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  One short paper (5-6 pp.), one long paper (10-12 pp.), informal reading responses, and regular attendance required.