351:309 Digital Storytelling

Spring 2016

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01 10987 McNair W 5, 6 MU-038 CAC

DigitalStorytelling teaches students how to write, shoot, and edit cinematic fiction works. Students work hands-on with Adobe Premiere Pro and digital cameras are provided by the Writers House program. The course begins by teaching students how to write and craft a script; then, instructors explore shooting a script, using the camera, editing shots, and directing the final production. By the end of the semester, students gain two technical abilities: writing fiction for film, and directing cinematic fiction works. All students gain access throughout the course to editing labs at Murray Hall: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the entire semester.


Students not familiar with the software will be expected to log time in the lab learning the software to adequately gain the skills necessary to edit their films. Very little classroom time will be spent on the "how" of editing, but rather on the more interesting "why" of editing.