Undergraduate English Courses

351:305 - Creative Non-Fiction

Spring 2017

Prerequisite: 351:211 or 351:212 (Or permission of instructor)


Section Instructor Subtitle Day/Period Location Index Campus
01 Koleb Everybody's Got One: Opinion as Applied Art TTH6 MU-002 13739 CAC
02 Blaney Writing about: People, Place and Performance TTH4 MU-001 05341 CAC

Section 01: Everybody's Got One: Opinion as Applied Art:

Like any form of writing, reviewing is a way of thinking about the world. From website user rating to the New Criterion, reviews help people not just to navigate but to understand their experiences. Writing reviews, no less than reading them, can shape our interpretation. This class will explore the review as personal essay, underlining the extent to which it is a creative act, with students reviewing a variety of subjects that might include anything from modernist literature to their favorite sneakers to a first kiss.

Section 02: Writing about People, Place and Performance 

The Course will be roughly divided into three sections:
i) Writing about People
ii) Writing about Place/Trave
iii) Writing about Performance (Art)
In each case, we will discuss techniques and conventions, look at published examples, draft our own attempts, exchange criticism and revise. there will be multiple exercises and short, directed writing assignments, both in and out of class.