358:436 Seminar: Our Mutual Friend and Middlemarch

01  M4  CAC  28137  KUCICH  FH-A6
      W4                                       FH-A4

Our Mutual Friend and Middlemarch

This seminar will focus on two of the greatest classics of nineteenth-century English fiction: Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend (1865) and George Eliot’s Middlemarch (1872). Both novels are long and complex, so we’ll read them slowly, devoting a great deal of class time to discussing particular passages and their contributions to the structure of each novel as a whole. We’ll also read background essays of various kinds—historical, scientific, biographical, philosophical, and literary—to deepen our sense of the cultural contexts that helped produce these masterpieces, and to better enable us to appreciate and understand them. One or two of these background readings will be assigned for every class. One short paper (5-6 pp.), one long paper (10-12 pp.), informal reading responses, an informal oral report, and regular attendance required.