358:436 Seminar: Jane Austen and the Novel

02  TTH6   CAC   28138  GALPERIN  HC-N106

Jane Austen and the Novel

An overview of nineteenth- (and early-twentieth-) century fiction with special emphasis on Jane Austen’s contribution to and influence on narrative form and function. In addition to at least two novels by Austen herself, we will read fictions by Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre), Charles Dickens (Great Expectations), George Eliot (Middlemarch), Henry James (The Portrait of a Lady) and James Joyce (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man).
Students will be required to write a one-page single-spaced response paper each week. In addition there will be a final research/critical paper (15-20 pages double-spaced) on a topic of the student’s choosing in consultation with the instructor. There will be no formal exams. The final grade will be based on the student’s performance overall, including class participation, with more weight going to the final paper.

Attendance in English 436 is required and will be monitored. Students who miss more than three classes without an appropriate excuse or explanation will be penalized one whole grade. Any additional missed classes will result in a further penalty of a half grade per class missed. Students who miss seven or more classes will automatically fail the course.