358:328 Money, Credit, and Value in the 18th Century Novel

H6  7/11-8/17  CAC  TTH 6:00-9:40 PM   04738   SIGERMAN  MU-115

Money – what is it good for, indeed? What can you do with it, and what can it do to you? As the place and function of money in society underwent dramatic changes during the 18th century, novels took up these questions with a vengeance. Inheritance, theft, prostitution, international and colonial trade – all of these, along with new forms of currency and credit, became central issues both in the popular imagination and the literature it produced and consumed. This course will explore these issues, and more, in the context of the rise of the English novel during the 18th century. In addition to essays, newspaper articles, and short fiction, our texts may include novels by Defoe, Swift, Haywood, Richardson, Fielding, Sterne, Austen, and others.