faqCheck out some frequently asked questions and answers that will inform you about how courses will be transferred.


Q: Can I transfer back any literature course I take through study abroad?

A: Yes, although there are some limits. The English Department makes every effort to make your Study Abroad program a success, both intellectually and in terms of helping you advance towards your Rutgers degree. Most courses that are taught in an English department and that deal directly with literature written in English can be transferred back and counted in your major or minor. Courses that cover local or national cultures from a multidisciplinary perspective (including such subjects as geography, history, art, and/or gastronomy) are generally not transferable as major or minor equivalents, even though they might include some coverage of literature in English. Foreign language literature classes will not count towards an English major or minor. Such courses can generally still be transferred back as electives and counted for general graduation requirements.

Q: How will the study abroad courses affect the requirements for my English major or minor?

We try to be flexible in counting your courses toward the requirements you need. In general, Study Abroad courses can be used to fulfill requirements in historical periods at the 300-level, as well as electives within the degree. One exception is that we do not accept Study Abroad courses to fulfill the requirement in our 400-level seminars, which should be taken with Rutgers University faculty.  Also, the gateway courses for English majors, 350:219 and 350:220 should be taken here at Rutgers.

Q: Do I need formal pre-approval of my courses to get credit for my major or minor?

No, but you are very strongly encouraged to do so. If you meet with an advisor in the English Department Undergraduate Office (Murray 104) before you leave, we will be able to discuss your planned course of study and help you understand in advance which courses will transfer for credit.

Q: What do I need to do to get credit equivalency towards my major or minor upon my return?

When you return from your Study Abroad, bring copies of your Study Abroad transcript and relevant course syllabi to the Undergraduate Office (Murray 104). We will determine the appropriate transfer equivalency and update your Degree Navigator record as appropriate. The English Department will do all it can to make this process straightforward and seamless, including updating your Degree Navigator records for the English Major or Minor. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be in contact with their SAS advisors about transferring credits for your general university requirements.

Q: Can I transfer courses that don't have the same title as Rutgers' courses?

Yes, usually, if they are in English and are mostly about English or American literature.  We try to be as flexible as possible about the transfer of Study Abroad credits.  For example, a course on Charles Dickens could be applied as a 19th century period filed requirement, even though we do not offer that specific course.  Please feel free to meet with an advisor in Murray 104 either before of after your Study Abroad experience to discuss specifics. 

Q: How do I decide which courses to sign up for?

A: You should take courses that interest you. In most cases it makes sense to take courses that relate to the country in which you are studying. If you are studying in Ireland, for example, it makes sense to take courses in Irish literature and cultural history—for example course on the Gaelic Revival, William Butler Yeats, or modern Irish theater. It generally doesn't make sense to take courses in something that is likely to be taught as well or better at Rutgers, but you should be adventurous in your course selection. Courses in American or African American literature, for example, will most likely be approached from a very different perspective from the one you would get at Rutgers if you study them in a Brazil or South Africa. Study Abroad offers you the unique opportunity to explore material from new perspectives, which we strongly encourage.

Q: Can I transfer back courses earned through the study abroad program at another university?

A: Yes. The procedure for getting formal equivalency is similar to the process for transferring credits earned through Rutgers' own programs.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of study abroad courses I can count towards my major or minor?

A: There might be, depending on your circumstances. Majors are required to take a minimum of six courses in the English Department at Rutgers-New Brunswick and minors are required to take a minimum of four courses here. If you have already transferred courses from other institutions, including AP credits, you should be careful not to exceed the limits on courses taken at other institutions.

Q: Is there a way I can get help while abroad to determine how a particular course might be applied towards a major or minor?

A: Yes. You can always email the Director of Undergraduate English and request guidance about any course. Generally, we will need to see a copy of the course syllabus in order to make a determination