Sarah Lee Poems

St. James Park
The fresh scent of dew on the grass
As I sit on an empty bench
The cold of the ice cream
Against the heat of the sun
Birds fly all around
My eyes close
I find peace

Notting Hill
A never-ending brick road
Full of houses and bookstores
All about to collapse
Women in poodle skirts
Men smoking their pipes
The youth prance around as the old rest
The return of the 1950s

The bus approaches and
I grab a seat on the top floor
Staring outside looking for a café
But instead I see grass and nothing more
Until I reach the turnpike
Finally, I can escape the countryside
I get off the bus
People shout and shove against me
Ironically, I begin to crave the quiet
Finally, a quiet cafe with only
One other customer appears
Sitting by the window
I wait for inspiration
As I take the first bite of my cookie
An idea sparks inside my head

Leicester Square
People jostle
30% off Adidas sneakers plastered on doors
Samsung Galaxy Promotion on TV
Street performers sing "Blackbird"
I stand confused
I wonder
If I am in Times Square
"No," one answers
"You are in Leicester Square."