Fall 2020 Undergraduate English Courses

358:214 Introduction to Twentieth Century Literature

01   CAC   05657   TTH5   GOLDSTONE  SC-114

This course introduces students to the pleasures and challenges of studying the literature of the twentieth century. Twentieth-century literature in English is a global phenomenon; this course explores some of the ways fiction, poetry, and drama speak to a world in which distant people and places are brought into contact with one another by world-spanning media and communications systems, large-scale migration, catastrophic war, and the rise and fall, and rise, of empires. Readings, primarily short stories and poems, together with at least one play, are drawn from the literatures of the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the English-speaking Caribbean. The course focuses on how literature in English incorporates diversity and conflict in the languages and societies it emerges from, and how this incorporation in turn transforms the nature of English and of literature.